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Alicia Mugetti Soho Store.jpg
1987 Alicia Mugetti Inc., opens the doors in Soho, once the heart of the New York art world, home to a community of artists and performers.
Valentine's Heart.jpg
Alicia Mugetti Isadora Duncan.jpg
Alicia Mugetti, former dancer with Isadora Duncan International Institute. Her studies of myth, movement and dance influence Alicia Mugetti's  creations.
New Yorker 2√√√√.jpg
The opening of Madison Avenue Store was a brave and fearless decision when the economy  was at the highest level of depression.
Alicia Mugetti Soho.jpg
A clothing concept that fits the Soho's vanguard movement challenging preconceived ideas of design.
Madison 999 window√√√√2.jpg
September 1991, Alicia Mugetti store opens in the New York City Upper East Side "Madison Avenue fashion enclave".
Zarastro Magic Flute .jpg
The Magic Flute, Sarastro; Alicia Mugetti's costumes design, Diane Martindale artistic director.
Side by Side Musical.jpg
Alicia Mugetti's costumes design for Musical production Side by Side, director Ian Hobson.
Trifling with Fate Film.jpg
Sarah Winkler on Michael Bergmann's film Trifling With Fate.
Tango Broadway Event .jpg
Singer Roxana Fontan
at Broadway New York;  Tango Production
Trifling with fate  .jpg
Alicia Mugetti's costumes design for film director Michael Bergman's production Trifling With Fate.
cast Actresses Bridget Moynahan, Ashley Ardythe, Vivienne Benesch, Sara Winkler.
Broadway Tango Event.jpg
Alicia Mugetti's costumes design for New York City  Broadway Tango Production.
Broadway Tango Event.jpg
Alicia Mugetti's costumes design for New York Broadway Tango Production.
Tango dancers Mariela Franganillo and Junior Cervila
Alvin Ailey at Alicia Mugetti.jpg
Young girls visiting Alicia Mugetti’s Madison Avenue showroom as part of a benevolent program to support and encourage them to pursue their dreams.
Magic Flute .jpg
Alicia Mugetti's costume design for Dicapo Opera's production of The Magic Flute,
"The Queen of the Night" in a stunning dress.
Timeless Memories
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Hand Painted Silk Bolero. c.1988
Jacket 1987√√√√.jpg
Vest jewels.jpg
Outfit 2992√√√√.jpg
Jacket √√√√.jpg
Hand Painted Silk Jacket. c.1987
Chiffon tunic over crinkled silk slip dress c.1989
Hand Painted Jewels Vest . c.1987
Green outfit√√√√.jpg
Jacket hand painted with roses and garland of flowers, crinkled silk skirt. c.1991
Velvet and silk dress c.1988
Jacket, silk top and skirt ensemble, hand painted with leaves garlands. c 1989
"The Mermaid" Classic landmark design c.1987
Chiffon layered tunic c.1992
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