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Alicia Y Juliet Binaughe.jpg

Alicia Mugetti and Juliette Binoche

Emma Thompson.jpg

Emma Thompson at the Cannes Film Festival

Barbra Streisand.jpg

Barbra Streisand at the Timeless Concert Tour

Debra Winger.jpg

Debra Winger and husband Arliss Howard 

Penny Fuller.jpg

Tony Award Nominee Penny Fuller

Isabella Rossellini.jpg

Isabella Rossellini

Teresa Costantini film Director.jpg

Film Director Teresa Costantini at the film's openning ceremony Yo Soy Asi,Tita de Buenos Aires  

Rachel Ray.jpg

Rachel Ray Food Network celebrity chef and husband John Cusimano at their wedding

Nina Stanton.jpg

Nina Stanton, Board of Trustees' Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts 

Isabella rossellini and Phillipe.jpg

Isabella Rossellini and Philippe de Montebello

Rachel Miner Wedding.jpg

Rachel Miner and Macaulay Culkin

Jennifer Siebel √√√√.jpg

Jennifer Siebel, First Lady of California, Filmmaker and Actress

Alicia and  Prof. Mohamed Yunus Nobel pr

Alicia Mugetti and Profesor Muhammad Yunus,

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Rachel Miner.jpg

Rachel Miner and Macaulay Culkin at the Tony Awards

Suki Shoerer √√√.jpg

Suki Schorer, ballet dancer, teacher and writer. Balanchine Trust Répétiteur

Alessandra Ferri.jpg

Alessandra Ferri, italian prima ballerina

Marianne Gerschel Spunk Fund President.j

Marianne Gerschel, Spunk Fund's President, Philanthropy programs for education and the well-being of children and adolescents

Alicia Mugetti and Diane Martindale.jpg

Alicia Mugetti and Diane Martindale, Dicapo Opera Artistic Director

Nora  and James Orphanides.jpg

Nora and James  Orphanides,     Patrons of the Arts

Claire Bloom.jpg

Actress Claire Bloom and flutist and writer Eugenia Zukerman

Tina Seligman.jpg

Tina Seligman

Artist, Writer, Composer and Curator

Alicia Mugetti and Lijia.jpg

Alicia Mugetti and soprano Licia Albanese

Christine Schwarzman.jpg

Honoree the 12th Duke of Devonshire Christine Hearst Schwarzman and

Stephen Schwarzman 

Shanna Grossman.jpg
Soprano Shana Grossman
Angeliki and Steve√√√√.jpg

Drs. Angeliki Cotsianti and Steve Evans, Patrons of the Arts

Mercedes Larretea.jpg

Mercedes Larreta and sons

Nieves Zuberbuhler.jpg

Nieves Zuberbuhler, News and Documentary Emmy Award

Bebe Winkler.jpg
Cid and Bebe Winkler
Luz and Bll MacArthur.jpg
Luz and Bill McArthur
Jannine Orphanides.jpg
Jennine Orphanides
Alicia Mugetti, Nora and Suki.jpg

Nora Orphanides, Alicia Mugetti, Enrique Rodriguez, and Suki Schorer

ABT Gala at the Roosevelt Hotel

Austria Gala.jpg

Alicia Mugetti, Enrique Rodriguez and the Viena's Vogler Quartet,

reception Morgan Library New York

Diane MArtindale.jpg

Dicapo Opera Artistic Director Diane Martindale, James Martinadale and Enrique Rodriguez

Alicia Y Enrique Dancing.jpg

Alicia Mugetti and Enrique Rodriguez

Alicia Mugetti and Enrique Rodriguez.jpg

Alicia Mugetti and Enrique Rodriguez 

Alicia Mugetti and Nora Orphanides.jpg

Alicia Mugetti and Nora Orphanides

Alicia Mugetti Diane Martindale at Dicap

Enrique Rodriguez, Diane Martindale, Alicia Mugetti and James Martindale

Alicia Mugetti and Angeliki

Angeliki Cotsiante Enrique Rodriguez and Alicia Mugetti

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